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See your customers as the see you
See Your Customers Like They See You

Is your customer data spread across files, documents, spreadsheets, subscriber and mailing databases, your CRM, finance and quoting system?

How many times do you store customer email or name, is it the same in each system?

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ETHICS Series: Mapping your business processes for a more efficient and effective system

How can you replace an existing system with a new system when you don’t know exactly how the existing system works?

Mapping business processes is a part of requirements analysis, and is one of the most difficult but most important tasks of implementing an information system. Its difficulty is based on the size and complexity of the system being implemented, and the ability of users to specify their requirements. A system with multiple shared databases crossing different functional areas or global locations will clearly be a complex implementation, compared to a simpler implementation where a system with a single database is operated in one department […]

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