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Dynamics 365 Business Central

One system for all your business

Finance, manufacturing, sales, projects, customer service and more

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Is your business facing operational hurdles that hinder its growth?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the solution designed exclusively for SMBs like yours.

Our commitment
To streamline your finance, manufacturing and distribution operations, whilst giving you actionable insights that lead to growth.

Business Central

Business Central

The all-in-one business management solution

Brings together financials, sales, customer service, projects, reporting and operations

Business Central 6 areas

Tailored to Your Needs

One size never fits all for SMBs. We understand that your business is unique, and Business Central reflects that.

Tailor it to your processes, customise it to your workflows, and witness unparalleled efficiency.

Discover an ERP system that adapts to you, ensuring harmony between your operations and our technology.

Data Security and Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central secures your sensitive data with military-grade protection, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Our dedicated team is with you, providing comprehensive training resources and support at every step of your SMB’s evolution.

The Power of Business Central:
Functionality at Your Fingertips

Financial Management

From multi-currency support to budget mastery, empower your financials.

Sales & Order Management

Turn prospects into customers effortlessly with streamlined order processing and pricing


Boost efficiency with production orders, precise capacity planning, and agile assembly management.

Inventory Management

Optimize stock levels, avert missed sales, and boost profits

Reporting & Analytics

Uncover real-time insights for sharper decision-making.

Integration with Microsoft 365 (Office)

Seamlessly connect, collaborate, and conquer with integrated tools.


Return on investment over 3 years


Reduction in finance and operations hiring needs

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Our ERP solution

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to power your entire business

Manage your financials

All finance across your business in one place. Real time performance reporting

Automate and secure your supply chain

Get your inventory levels right, avoid lost sales and maximise profits

Sell smarter and improve customer service

Maximize revenue opportunities and better serve customers with built-in recommendations.

Keep projects on time and under budget

Manage budgets and monitor progress of your projects with real-time data on available resources

Optimise your operations

Streamline your manufacturing and warehousing operations to deliver products on time and reduce costs

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

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Transforming SMBs


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Access Anywhere, Any Time

Cloud-based, so you can keep in touch with your business wherever your are and on any device

Works With Your Systems and Processes

Microsoft Business Central is infinitely flexible and customisable, unlike many similar products

Works with Microsoft Office 365

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook like only Microsoft software can be. Built in intelligence - get smart customer insights, product suggestions and send quotes without leaving Outlook

Predictable costs

Fair, per user pricing. No need to buy extra software as you grow

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What does Business Central look like?

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Want more from Business Central?

Take a look at our Business Central extensions

Document customiser

Send professional documents from Business Central

Custom Fields

Extend your data fields in Business Central - easily. Customize your system to fit your products and processes

Three way matching

Automated three way matching for Business Central. Match invoices, purchase orders, and receipts intelligently

Bank Statement Importer

AMS Bank Transactions automatically imports bank statements into Business Central

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Business Central FAQs

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive and flexible system that covers all your business needs.

It’s a complete ERP solution for small and medium enterprises that simplifies end-to-end practices from financials to sales.

Business Central has all potential business management solutions embedded in it that give you real-time insights into your business.

You can host your application on cloud (private or public) or on-premise, the choice is yours.

Dynamics 365 Business Central comprises of eight modules: financial accounting, order management, supply chain, inventory management, project service management, service management, production management, and marketing. It supports multiple devices and languages and is regularly updated with new features and compliance with new standards

There are 3 Business Central licences

Business Central Team Member licence is £6.60 per user per month

Business Central Essentials is £57.50 per user per month

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium is £82.20 per user per month

» more about pricing

Yes, you can install Business Central on your own office network. These days most people use Business Central in the cloud (either public or private) 

Yes! Outlook is tightly integrated with Business Central. You can send quotes and invoices from Outlook without needing to use Business Central – a major time saver. 

Yes, you can get a 30 day trial of Business Central (and other Dynamics apps) at Microsoft Dynamics Trials

You’ll learn a lot from a trial, but equally we recommend talking to a Microsoft partner like ourselves to discuss your requirements and see what best fits your needs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, no matter how small

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers robust inventory management to help businesses better handle their inventory.

It allows businesses to track stock levels, manage item variants, and set up reorder points to ensure optimal inventory levels.
With features like real-time visibility into inventory, businesses can better monitor stock movement, track serial and lot numbers, and manage multiple warehouses or locations. Additionally, it provides tools for managing purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory replenishment, enabling businesses to streamline their supply chain and reduce carrying costs.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers integration with many third-party applications.

Through its robust integration framework and APIs, businesses can connect Business Central with other software systems, such as CRMs, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, shipping providers, and more. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central stands out from other ERP systems because of its comprehensive functionality and flexibility. Business Central offers a wide range of features that cover core business processes, including financial management, sales and purchasing, inventory management, project management, and more.

Its modular design allows businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements, adding or removing features as needed. Furthermore, Business Central’s seamless integration with other Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Power BI, and Power Apps, provides a unified and cohesive environment for users.

Yes! Microsoft Dynamics Business Central comes with robust built-in workflows and automation capabilities.

It enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks, streamline approval processes, and ensure consistent and efficient operations. With the visual workflow designer, businesses can easily create custom workflows tailored to their specific needs. These workflows can automate tasks like purchase approvals, expense reimbursements, sales order processing, and more.

By automating routine processes, businesses can save time, minimize errors, and improve overall productivity. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for businesses to use its powerful automation features.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can be accessed on mobile devices.

It has native mobile apps for iOS and Android, providing users with the flexibility to access critical business information and perform tasks on the go. The mobile apps allow users to view and edit data, manage approvals, access reports and dashboards, and collaborate with team members. The responsive design of the mobile apps ensures an optimized user experience across different screen sizes, enabling users to stay connected and productive from anywhere, at any time.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central prioritizes the security of sensitive business data. It employs a multi-layered approach to protect data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Business Central incorporates user authentication mechanisms, such as username and password, to ensure only authorized users can access the system.

The platform also supports role-based security, allowing businesses to define user permissions based on job roles and responsibilities. In addition, Microsoft implements robust data encryption measures to safeguard data both in transit and at rest. Regular security updates and patches are applied to address any emerging vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure environment for business data.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides businesses with multiple deployment options to suit their specific requirements.

One option is cloud deployment, where Business Central is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Cloud deployment offers benefits such as scalability, reliability, and automatic updates, relieving businesses of infrastructure management tasks.

Another option is on-premises deployment, which allows businesses to install and manage Business Central on their own servers. On-premises deployment provides businesses with greater control over their data and infrastructure.

Additionally, businesses can choose a hybrid deployment, combining cloud and on-premises environments to meet their unique needs. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central’s deployment flexibility empowers businesses to select the most suitable option for their operations.