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Warehouse Fit Out

A Better Warehouse Fit Out System

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Streamline your warehouse fit out business

Unified Interface

Project Management – Covered

Keep a laser eye on work progress. Easily report on your projects’ status in real time. Spot problems swiftly and nip them in the bud before they escalate.

Quoting - Made Easier

No need to jump from system to system. All quoting is handled by AMS Warehouse Fit Out. You're covered from Enquiry to Invoice

Your Sales Pipeline - Managed

No more lost leads. Have confidence that enquiries will get followed up. Monitor your sales targets with powerful, customised reports

The Right Message to the Right People

Segment your contacts and use marketing modules to send emails tailored exactly to their preferences

A System for Life - Not Just for Today

The basis for this trusted system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a system used by 1000s of global businesses from SMEs to PLCs. You won’t outgrow this.

Cloud Storage - Everything Securely in One Place

Your all your project files stored securely, backed up and easy to share. They're accessible from anywhere, on any device. Great for sending client updates.

Your Office - All Integrated

Gets on with your other business products. A trusted Microsoft product, so it integrates with Outlook, all your Office programs and your finance systems.

Your sales processes managed - end to end

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Don't Take Our Word For it

Ian Craig from Warehouse Solutions

Ian Craig
Warehouse Storage Solutions

What can it do for me?

What does the system offer to warehouse fit out companies?

AMS Warehouse uses Microsoft Dynamics 365

From the world’s leading business software supplier 

As simple as off the shelf - as flexible as bespoke

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Best implementation ever

Your whole team is involved so they see what’s in it for them. Management are engaged throughout and we check with you to make sure that everything is on track.

World class training

Delivered by a professional who understands how people learn. Training is made to work for you, not using a one-size-fits-all approach. MORE »

Ongoing help

Nurturing your users to help the get the best from the system – useful reports, high data quality and system improvements

Dedicated support 

So your team feel comfortable asking for help when they need it and have confidence in the system. It’s a partnership. MORE »

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