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AMS grid

AMS Grid for Dynamics 365

Faster data handling for Dynamics 365

The fastest editing and reporting plugin for Dynamics

Tired of slow data editing in Dynamics?

You need a system that’s as fast and easy to use as Excel, but is part of Dynamics 365


AMS Grid for Dynamics 365

All your favourite features of Excel, now in Dynamics

Find and filter your records faster than ever

Build lists of records, or quotes in no time

Chart and analyse data instantly

All on one screen - no reloading

AMS grid working in Dynamics 365

Let us show you how you can benefit

How does AMS Grid make Dynamics 365 faster?

It’s like Excel for Dynamics

Inline editing

Inline Editing

Fill down columns

Just like in Excel you can fill down. A huge timesaver


Instant filtering

With grouping and sorting – no performance loss.
Just type and see immediate results

AMS Grid filtering

Fast charting

No complex set up.
Just select some data, choose a chart type and you’re done!

Instant charting

Drag and drop ordering

Both rows and columns

Drag and Drop ordering in a Dynamics grid

Multiple sorting levels

Multiple levels of sorting in a grid

Pivot Tables - in Dynamics!

No need to export to Excel to create a pivot table in Dynamics 365. 
All the features you’d expect from a pivot table. Sorting, filtering, aggregation, rage select and more

pivot table in dynamics

Multiple grouping levels at an instant

Make your data look great

Use custom icons for a better user experience

It even works quickly with huge data sets. Try it.

No more exporting to Excel

Speedy data analysis

Lightning fast list building

Better data management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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  • Building task or activity lists
  • Building orders from product lists
  • Building quotes (see AMS Rapid Quote)
  • Searching and editing contact lists

Yes. This is not only a fast way of viewing data, it also saves your data changes for all users. Expect to find big time savings on repeated tasks.

Yes. Your data doesn’t leave Dynamics, so it remains safe in the Microsoft Azure cloud

There are a huge number of features in AMS Grid. We tailor make your install to exactly what you need – saving time and money. Contact us for a quote

Yes, you can save the charts as images files (PNGs)

It’s easy, just contact us and we’ll do the rest. The system is modular, so we’ll make sure you only install what you need. 

No, you can pick and choose which entities you display AMS grid on.


Pricing includes licencing, development and support / updates.
Please call for details 01422 824831

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