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Who do you need to deliver your systems project? 

To successfully deliver a systems project, there are many critical roles involved:

Architect: Guru in all things business, data, process and systems related. They take the helicopter view of your business and understand what systems need to slot in and where 

Business Analyst: Expert in unearthing those hidden requirements to make sure nothing important gets missed during the build and configuration of your system in the most efficient way 

Developer: Genius development skills when you need to sprinkle that little bit extra sparkle to elevate your system to the next level of quality – Note: apply sprinklings carefully to ensure future maintenance headaches are avoided! 

Data migration specialist: They love data and understand the complexities of working with data, and what’s more, they know just how important this often overlooked area of systems work is to the overall success of your project 

Tester: “If it’s not tested it’s not released” – a tester works alongside the other roles to ensure that when you receive your system, any little bugs have been squashed and it functions as expected 

Report Master: Thrives on helping to avoid garbage in garbage out – and after all, you are putting this system in place to help you make better more informed decisions, aren’t you? 

Trainer: Gets a real buzz when helping your team deliver maximum value from your system. They know that no matter how good all of the above roles perform, a system is only as good as the training provided and more importantly – how well the ongoing system is then adopted day to day 

Project Manager: Ensures the right people are on the right jobs at the right time. They live and breathe planning, understanding how all the components of a project fit together, managing risks and issues, and generating all the relevant charts and reports to make sure a project is managed and delivered successfully 

Sponsor: They are delighted to see your system come to life in line with the original vision for your system. They tend to stay away from the day to day detail, to ensure that the system development journey is moving as expected from A to Z 

Do you want to sort your business systems. Properly?

Mark Pullar MSc MBCS

My 20 years’ expertise in IT and senior management roles enable me to troubleshoot your complex business problems and deliver long term solutions through technology.

I develop trusted partnerships with business owners who value the impact that a happy team has on improving productivity and achieving business goals.

As well as being a Professional Member of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, I have an MSc in Information Systems Management covering IT strategy, professional ethics and governance. I’m also a Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with experience of implementing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 and producing meaningful reports.

When I’m not growing the business I’m spending time with my family enjoying the great outdoors, reading plenty of books, researching and developing new ways to make our systems even better, writing articles to share knowledge, and generally getting the most out of life!

ETHICS and a holistic approach

Underpinning everything we do here at All My Systems is a strong belief in placing equal value on the human and technical needs of systems in organisations – it’s called the socio-technical approach.

ETHICS stands for Effective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer Systems and I closely followed the work of its founder, the late Enid Mumford. Having practiced these techniques in large organisations along with other agile and holistic based approaches with highly successful results, I now want to bring the approach to benefit small and medium sized organisations.

I love architecting and sponsoring systems and ensuring you have the right roles in place to deliver your system project successfully. 

Want to join our team?
We are always looking for the best talent to work with us to deliver our vision. Whether you work with Dynamics 365, Power Apps and the Power Platform, Business Central or Power BI – we want to hear from you. 


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