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Training for Dynamics 365

We’re passionate about making systems which work for your business

For a CRM system to thrive users must be comfortable using it and feel that they can explore and discover more

Our range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training sessions include:

CRM Let’s Go! – Gain confidence in using the system and master navigation, terminology and different record types used through the system

Sales and Marketing – deliver sales excellence and apply CRM principles for lead nurture through to order placed

Customer Service – maximise your customer service delivery by professionally handling customer issues and service level agreements (SLAs)

Service Scheduling – manage maintenance contracts and logistics scheduling to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time

Administrator – the key tasks and troubleshooting for internal system administrators to maintain a well running system

Bespoke Training

Every business is different

We plan and deliver bespoke courses that are tailored to your business processes, how your people work, the type of data you store and the reports you run to gain insight about your business

Training Sessions

We typically run our courses at your place of work. This means that your employees learn in their working environment with familiar data

Worried about your team being out of the business for a whole learning session? We can split the sessions across different days for larger groups of users

Learning styles for all

People learn in different ways.

Whether your team members may prefer:

  • concrete and practical examples or concepts
  • visual representations or verbal explanations
  • hands on practical experience or options-based problems solving
  • step by step or global approaches to learning

We cater for different learning styles when delivering our learning sessions.

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