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Get the Right Message to the Right People

No more sending messages to your entire list, which may not be relevant to everyone. Segment your contacts and send messages tailored exactly to their preferences. Automate follow ups and reminders to give a personal touch without the admin burden


Know Where You Are at All Times

All your constituent and campaign data is together in one place. You’ll slash reporting times, with tailor-made reports and live dashboards. 

Project Management

Run The Best Campaigns

Automate your repetitive tasks. No more separate spreadsheets, to do lists, emails and reports. They’re all together in AMS Charity, giving you time to focus on the things that matter.

Manage Your Donor Pipeline With Ease

No more lost leads. Have confidence that donor enquiries will get followed up promptly. Monitor your targets with powerful, customised reports

Grow With Your Business

The basis for this trusted system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a system used by 1000s of global businesses from SMEs to PLCs. You won’t outgrow this.

"At last, a product designed just for charities, with the same smart tech as the big corporates use"

What Can Our charity CRM Do?

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Best implementation ever

Your whole team is involved so they see what’s in it for them. Management are engaged throughout and we check with you to make sure that everything is on track.

World class training 

Delivered by a professional who understands how people learn. Training is made to work for you, not using a one-size-fits-all approach

Seamless transfer

Your business must keep running smoothly whilst we’re building your system. We’ll manage your data transfer and training, so that you hit the ground running

Dedicated support

Well make sure your team feel comfortable asking for help when they need it and have confidence in the system. It’s a partnership.

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Garry Wilkinson
Director of Fundraising and Marketing,
Kirkwood Hospice

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