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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Delight your customers and build loyalty

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Discover the #1 customer service desk software

The best service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Interact on customers' terms

Communicate across all channels & devices - voice, SMS, social media, email, instant messaging, chatbots, mobile, tablet and desktops.

Help customers help themselves

Customers want to solve problems themselves. Self service portals allow users to view your knowledge articles, diagnose issues and raise cases without contacting an agent.

Give agents a 360° customer view

Better customer knowledge means an efficient, personalised service. View a full history of customer interactions and preferences.

Learn from each interaction

Agents can feedback and share information after a support session. Use AI to make suggestions for common issues. Send surveys using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Track Insights and sentiment

Use AI to identify sentiment for each interaction and spot trends. Cluster topics to show areas for learning or improvement. Track performance against company KPIs

Give proactive service

With embedded IoT you'll be notified before your customer knows something is wrong. It's simple to monitor device health and set alerts in agent dashboards.

Take the workload off agents

Intelligent agents guide customers to the most appropriate support agents. AI driven Smart Assist guides agents to the information and actions they need for a quick resolution.

A platform for the future

A system which won't be outgrown. Benefit from Microsoft's regular updates and library of apps. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your data is safe in the cloud.

Your one-stop contact centre

With Omnichannel for Customer Service you can run a complete, integrated contact centre – all from one solution


Run your contact centre from Dynamics 365 Customer Service - no more fragmented solutions

Connect in the way your customers want

How the voice channel works in Dynamics 365 for customer service

Take a load off your agents

Use intelligent bots to solve issues with no human input

What can I do with a chatbot?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Easy to build sophisticated chatbots - no coding required

Power Virtual Agent screenshot

How to deliver customer service 24/7

colchester - Dynamics 365 customer service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service​

How Colchester Council revolutionised its service to residents

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service dashboard

Powerful, integrated reporting

AI powered upsell suggestions

Flexible service level agreements

Time saving document templates

with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
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Empower agents to help more customers and give a personal serivice

Make data-driven decisions to enhance your operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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