I Use Zoho CRM. Why Should I Use Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a close network of support and development. Can you be sure your provider is as well served?

A question we are often asked is, “I use Zoho CRM. Why do I need Microsoft Dynamics?

Well, it is not a question of need; it is a question of meeting your needs. Does Zoho CRM meet your needs both now and in the future? It is a great CRM. It has come a long way. Now called Zoho One, they have project tools, billing tools, and CRM tools, as well as other tools to build your business.

So why Microsoft Dynamics? If your company is already familiar with Microsoft products and uses Word, Excel, or Outlook every single day, Microsoft Dynamics would integrate with each of those seamlessly. The idea is that groups of products from Microsoft link together to make the running of your business a little bit smoother. This also means that if you got an Office 365 subscription, it would be relatively easy to add on Dynamics 365.

Microsoft, which invests hundreds of billions of pounds into the development of their infrastructure, is not going anywhere. They are a stable company. Cleverly, they have made their traditionally large CRM system available to small businesses, both at a price for licencing and through value-added resellers, such as ourselves. It is the job of value-added resellers (VARs) to make sure that Dynamics 365 is embedded in your business properly right from the start. The VARs will make sure to understand your business, and allow you to talk with a UK-local company who really wants you to get the most functioning out of your systems.

That is where the partnership comes in. In the Microsoft model, you work with partners to get the most out of your system. You can add tools like project management in the future, as your business changes and grows. You can bring in field services, such as your engineers or technical people who do installations on the road. You can also add other tools like, automation, dashboards, reporting, finance, and account system integration, as well. All of these things will help to build a comprehensive system that underpins your business across the Microsoft platform.

If you use Microsoft Office 365 or other Microsoft products, then perhaps Microsoft Dynamics might be a good fit for you. It’s worth having a conversation to find out more.

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