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Project Management with Dynamics 365

Run outstanding projects and constantly improve

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps you plan, manage and report on projects from one central location.

Build solid project plans

Project Service Automation - Planning
  • Use project templates to get projects up and running quickly
  • Plan resource use
  • Break projects down to task level
  • Integrate with Microsoft Project to easily build projects from individual tasks

Manage your resources

  • See resource availability in real time
  • Match the right people to the right tasks based on their skills
  • Collaborate throughout your organisation
Manage your resources

Run your project

  • Project teams and customers can collaborate using document sharing and discussion areas
  • Track time spent against estimates
  • Enter time and expenses easily wherever you are using mobile, web and Outlook apps
  • Monitor progress and re-assign jobs easily

Manage project finances

  • Handles
    • budgeting
    • cost tracking
    • revenue recognition.
  • Generates invoices and manage project-related expenses.
  • Track items events which affect profitability
    • Revenue
    • Accruals
    • Expenses

Manage sales opportunities

  • Capture opportunities and make sure the right people act on them
  • Create accurate estimates by bringing sales and project teams together
  • Asses the profitability of opportunities with detailed estimating features
  • Create contracts without leaving the system

Analyse and learn

Reporting for project service automation
  • View real time, interactive dashboards
    • Track schedules
    • Make sure costs are on target
    • Check resource use
    • Make sure milestones are hit
  • At a glance see important business indicators like profit, time taken, resource usage and efficiency
  • Improve accuracy of estimation for future projects

Access from anywhere

  • Access project data and collaborate on the go with mobile apps
  • Stay connected with the team and clients from anywhere

Scalability and Customisation

  • Scale the solution to meet the needs of growing businesses
  • Customise and configure the system to align with your unique business processes

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