Can We Report Across All Data Stored in the System? 

Not all systems give you flexible reporting. Microsoft Dynamics 365 does

One of my favourite questions that people ask us about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is this: “Can we report on all data stored across the whole system?”

I know the frustration of many proprietary systems that allow you to enter data into a form, but then don’t offer a way to report on that data later. If you can’t access those data fields, build a report in the system, or export it to Excel for further analysis, it can be quite vexing.

The good news is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to report on any field across the whole system, no matter the data type.

Whether it’s a text field, data field, or drop-down menu, you can access all of them. You can put this data into your own reports or charts or export them to Excel. Currently, you can even export them to Microsoft Power BI, a rich visualisation tool that enables you to build powerful reports. These are useful for board presentations or daily reports about the operations within your business.

In summary, can you report on any system across the whole business? With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can.

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