We Have Internal IT Support, Can They Implement Dynamics For Us? 

New business systems need both technological and cultural change; we think it’s worth working with specialists

A common question we are asked is, “We have internal IT support. Can they implement Dynamics 365 for us?”

The answer is yes, they probably could. If your internal IT team has experience in CRM systems, then they could match their CRM experience with your own business to deliver a CRM system for you. If you already use Office 365, that would also help because you already have the right environment for them to implement it for you.

However, we often find a problem with these scenarios. Your internal IT team is typically looking after your internal IT, and they focus on day-to-day operations to make sure everything works efficiently for your business.

What often happens in these internal projects, then, is that the CRM projects get put aside and things slow down. The momentum slows down, and the team may focus more on internal IT than on the CRM project. The internal IT team will often resort external resources to address the complexity of putting in a CRM system.

Another factor in this process is that CRM is not just a technology tool. You might have read in our other posts that CRM projects involve a culture change within your business. It is important to make sure that everyone understands why the CRM is implemented, the benefits of it, and the connections that can be made with the data stored. These improvements will affect your business from customer service to marketing, sales to service, and throughout the entire customer life cycle of your business.

If your internal IT team can handle this process and dedicate sufficient time to the project, that is great. If they have access to the needed resources as well, that would be even better. You can try giving the team a budget to help people understand the monetary implications of success. If all these things are in place, you will likely have a good outcome.

Otherwise, you might need external support to ensure the rigour of an external project that will make CRM a success within your business. I hope this helps.

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