We Use an IT MSP, Can They Implement Dynamics For Us? 

We don’t think of a CRM as a technological solution to install. We think of it as cultural change for your business

Some businesses that have an IT MSP, or Managed Service Provider, have asked, “Could they implement Dynamics 365 for us?” Our answer would be yes, possibly. The same is true if you have other types of IT support that takes care of your systems, PCs, networks, anti-virus programs, etc.

However, one issue we have found is that IT MSPs are, naturally, specialists in being IT MSPs. They may be able to understand and help with Dynamics 365 system implementation, but they are not experts.

Dynamics 365 implementers, on the other hand, are specialists in implementing CRM technology. They also specialise in the cultural changes required to make a CRM project a success. That is not a skill to be underestimated. In order to make a CRM project a success, you have to combine project management and change management.

You also need to establish the rationale for using the CRM system in the first place, with top-level management and any other person in the business that will use the system on a day-to-day basis.

It can be quite a lot of work, implementing this tool along with all that cultural change needed to make CRM a success. IT MSPs are key team members for many Dynamics 365 partners, ourselves included. Through collaboration, we benefit from the best of each other’s skills. We can liaise with them for infrastructure requirements and discuss any potential impacts to other systems or technology in the business.

We bring the Dynamics 365 expertise while IT MSPs bring their expertise, and together, we can make the CRM project a success within a small business.

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