Microsoft Teams is Now Your Dynamics 365 Hub

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the default app for business collaboration. User numbers are growing quickly and passed 32 million in March 2020. It’s Microsoft’s fastest growing business app.

Microsoft Teams lets you manage all your Office conversations, files and apps in one workspace – and that includes Microsoft Dynamics.

Let’s look at how Dynamics 365 Sales integrates with Microsoft Teams

Why integrate Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365?

As most work is collaborative, you’ll want to discuss what’s happening in your business and see the data at the same time. Collaborating in Dynamics, using Teams, lets colleagues and groups quickly see relevant data and make decisions together.

How do I integrate Dynamics 365 with Teams?

To set up teams and Dynamics 365 integration, see this Microsoft help page

How Can I Use Dynamics 365 in Teams?

View records

For example, if you’re having a sales meeting in Teams and you want to show details of an opportunity, the traditional method of displaying figures would be to share your Dynamics screen. Now, you can simply open records, view and dashboards directly in Teams.

A CRM record open in Microsoft Teams

Some other use cases

  • Showing performance graphs in company meetings
  • Training sessions for staff
  • Sales team discussions

Collaborate on records

When you view a record in Dynamics, you and your team can chat about the record. The chat will be saved along with the record for all users to consult in the future

Users without Dynamics licences can also collaborate and chat about Dynamics records in Teams, but won’t be able to make updates.

Get fast AI powered answers to queries

When you install the Dynamics 365 app in Teams, you’ll see a contact appear called Dynamics 365. You can chat to this contact to lookup and make quick updates to any record in Dynamics

For example, type search [company name] to show all records associated with that company

  • You can quickly drill down to look at specific contacts and opportunities for that company
  • You can quickly add notes and activities to records

We’re finding it really useful for quick lookups of names and phone numbers.

More about chat and AI


What’s best is that all these features work on the mobile app, making updating Dynamics 365 records on the go, even easier. Along with voice recognition, this makes updates a breeze.

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