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Licence-Free Access to Dynamics 365 for Teams Users

Microsoft Teams users will be able to view and edit Dynamics 365 data in Teams without extra licences.

Microsoft made this announcement at their recent Inspire 2021 conference.

Collaboratively editing a Dynamics 365 record in Microsoft Teams

Teams now has over 145 million daily active users and is fast becoming the the new office space where conversations happen and work flows.

Microsoft has now opted for a deeper (and cheaper) integration of Dynamics within Teams.

Teams licenced users will soon be able to

  • View Dynamics 365 records in a Team chat or channel
  • Edit Dynamics 365 records in Team chat or channel
  • Receive notifications in Teams when data relevant to them changes

Teams users won’t have direct access to records – they’ll need to be invited to edit a record by a fully licenced Dynamics 365 user.

Currently, this entitlement will only apply to Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 notifications in the Teams app

This is scheduled to roll out in October 2021

Functionality will be limited and power users / managers will still need full Dynamics 365 licences as before. However, this marks a big step forward in the democratisation of Dynamics. This news will help move Dynamics from being a siloed sales tool to a critical organisation wide resource.

We hope this will lead to more successful Dynamics projects. The wider availability will mean better data quality and a larger uptake in organisations. The flexible licencing will most likely bring down costs for most organisations sizes.

Take a look at Microsoft’s announcement for more details


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