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Microsoft Dynamics Chat with Power Virtual Agents

Do you need chat on your website?

We’re seeing chat evolve in the same way that Interactive voice response (IVR) did in the last 10 years. IVR was once seen as a barrier to communicating with a real person, and a cost saving measure. Now, it’s become an efficient way of submitting information and querying customer data. We’re seeing live chat mature in a similar way.

Customers expect that chat bots can now

  • understand commands
  • answer account queries
  • take bookings
  • route complex queries to an agent who’s clued up about your question

If you’re looking for a way to integrate live chat into your website and you have a Dynamics 365 CRM, you have a few options:

  • Buy, or subscribe to, a specialist chat service. Use this service separately to Dynamics. You’d only transfer critical data like leads and case statuses
  • Integrate the chat service with Dynamics 365 using a connector
  • Use Microsoft’s own chat tools

We think Microsoft’s live chat tools offer the best of both worlds. Microsoft offer a fully featured intelligent chat bot solution – Power Virtual Agents. And, importantly, Power Virtual Agents integrates as standard into Dynamics 365

What can Dynamics Chat do?

Theoretically you can create and update any part of your CRM with a Dynamics 365 chatbot. However, some tasks are better suited to live chat than others

  • Lead generation – taking details, offering downloads, and scheduling a follow up call
  • Routing queries
  • Handling first line support by looking up common queries in a knowledge base. By using Dynamics for Customer Service for example
  • Running surveys
  • Order tracking
  • HR helpdesk

Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft’s chatbot system takes simple chat technology one step further by adding AI.

This AI offers huge benefits for the chat user:

  • Intelligent understanding of questions. So there’s no need to be prompted to respond in a pre-determined way.
  • A more ‘human’ feel to the conversation
  • Machine learning to improve responses to common questions and hone knowledge

The Power Virtual Agents builder offers

  • A simple, no-code way to build intelligent, learning bots
  • A powerful conversation editor to build complex scenarios using branching logic
  • Many integrations, including Dynamics 365 and Power Automate
  • A topic suggestion feature where an AI bot can ‘read’ through your website FAQs and use this information to answer future questions
  • Works over many channels – chat, SMS, WhatsApp and more
  • Thorough analytics so you can see where you need to improve your service

Power Virtual Agents uses the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Along with Power Automate, it can integrate with most Microsoft products, not just Dynamics 365

Benefits of a chatbot in Microsoft Dynamics

  • Generate more leads with less effort. A pop up chat window is a popular, lightweight way for customers to make an initial enquiry without a two-way conversation with a human agent,
  • Save your agents’ time – automated chat bots free up time for your agents to give better second line service
  • Give better customer service – no more waiting to be put through. Customers know they can get answers to their queries quickly with a chatbot
  • Get to know your customers better. All customer information (including sentiment analysis) is held in Dynamics 365, so your agents can see at a glance what the customer needs.

A brief overview of how to set up Microsoft Dynamics chat with Power Virtual Agents

It’s very easy to build a simple chat bot in Dynamics 365.

Create a new bot
  • Start your bot’s learning by adding conversation topics and seeding FAQs
  • Create branching logic to handle more complex, transactional conversations
  • Test the bot within Power Virtual Agents environment
  • When ready, you can publish your bot on website

With more advanced bots you can:

  • Authenticate users
  • Use variables to identify users and to query data
  • Create topics
  • Add Power Automate actions
  • Escalate to a live agent


$1280 per month for 2,000 sessions*
+ an extra 1,000 sessions for $576

*A session begins when a topic is triggered and ends when either the user’s questions are answered, or the conversation exceeds 60 minutes or 100 turns

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