What is Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

What does Dynamics 365 omnichannel customer service actually mean?

Put simply we’re talking about giving customers many different ways of contacting you for support.

Omnichannel customer service is also often used to describe a system which combines many channels in to a single stream. The single stream gives a seamless experience for customers and support agents

Dynamics 365 omnichannel

How does omnichannel customer service help me?

  • More responsive service, as agents can see all interactions in one place
  • Improved customer satisfaction by using the channels they prefer
  • No more asking customers to repeat information from another channel
  • Easier to proactively contact customers

Isn’t email and telephone support good enough?

For some of your customers, this is will be the case, but increasingly customers are demanding real-time chat to solve problems quickly.

What is Dynamics 365’s omnichannel customer service offering?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 omnichannel Customer Service offers most of the well used communication channels

The channels included are

If the conversation switches channels, your service agent can see the entire conversation thread, without losing context.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 omnichannel for customer service

The customer service agent screen shows all their current conversations, and the most relevant and useful customer information.

On the agent screen you’ll also see

  • Case history
  • Customer purchases
  • Pre conversation survey results – what is their query and what is the subject?
  • Knowledge base
  • Scripts
  • Colleague availability

…and as you’d expect from any Dynamics 365 product, these views can be configured to your specifications

The chat system is optimised to speed up response time

  • Use pre-defined message phrases to speed up typing
  • Easy to bring in a colleague privately to help
  • Seamlessly transfer or escalate
  • Use AI bots to handle first line issues
  • Integrated Smart Assist to make intelligent suggestions from your Knowledge Bank
  • You can work on multiple chat sessions without losing track of conversations

What licences do I need for Omnichannel?

First of all, you’ll need a Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise licence, as omni channel isn’t included in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional licence

To get omnichannel customer service, you’ll need the Digital Messaging Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service – an extra £56.60 per user per month. If you only need web chat, you can buy the Chat Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service at £45.20 per user per month

The digital messaging add in includes everything which the chat add-in includes plus SMS, Facebook messaging, Twitter, WhatsApp and Voice

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