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Bringing Voice to CRM

Microsoft’s Autumn 2021 Wave 2 updates give powerful new telephony capabilities to Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Voice calling - call centre

Integrated voice channel now available in Omnichannel

  • No need for third party telephony software
    • Phone number procurement and management
    • Handle and distribute incoming calls
    • Make outbound calls
    • Send and receive SMSs
    • Calls can now be automatically transcribed and have their sentiment analysed. Along with the new call recording feature, agents can search call transcripts for keywords.
    • Real-time translation
    • Record and manage phone calls
  • Call intelligence means that all calls can now be analysed to discover what worked and any areas for improvement.
    • The metrics that are monitored include
      • talking speed
      • switches per hour
      • pause before speaking
      • longest customer monologue
  • Intelligent voice bots now available on the voice channel using Power Virtual Agents, using language processing or touch tone responses.
    • Bots transfer to human agents with full transcripts
    • Use bots for surveys
  • Improved supervisor monitoring
    • View live transcripts of calls
    • Listen in on calls
    • Monitor multiple calls via dashboards
  • Intelligent categorising of calls to allow reporting via incident topic
  • Improved hold and transfer features

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