How AI is Changing Customer Service

Customers are demanding more

When your customers contact you for help with a problem or for advice, the queries will come from many different channels, in many formats.

Without a good customer service system to collate this knowledge, you can end up giving poor service and wasting time asking the same questions over and over again.

Response times are important to, customers now expect to interact with your service team immediately and aren’t prepared to wait on hold or for a 24hr email response.

You can never have enough staff to satisfy these demands, but Microsoft Dynamics have two artificial intelligence (AI) driven services which can help trim your response times and boost service satisfaction.

Intelligent self service portals

Using intelligent routing, customers are prompted to self-diagnose their problems in a way that suits them. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence takes these portals beyond simple search and hope scenarios, to a tailored, natural language interface.

Not only does this lighten the load on your team, it empowers the customer into researching before calling next time and provides data for your team to discover which issues are most popular.

Chatbots with great service

Not everyone wants to self-diagnose and many prefer chat support for fast, tailored help. In this scenario, an automated support agent can revolutionise your service and save effort.

Microsoft’s chat bots learn your business processes and know when to escalate problems. The bots give a natural human-like experience for the customer and can be programmed to answer many of your common questions. Microsoft have made the learning process easy and your team can easily develop chatbots without the need for coding.

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Making support a team game

As the chat bots learn your business, they’ll be able to route customers to the agent with the most appropriate skills for their query. Once the issue is passed to a human customer agent, they’ll have access to all the useful data for that customer.

  • Previous tickets
  • Service scripts
  • Products or services purchased
  • Knowledge bank
  • Notes from other interactions

Escalating issues is easy and a simple managerial sign off can be completed whilst the customer is chatting with your human agent

Knowledge from each query is fed back into the main knowledge bank so that your team learns from each interaction

Getting feedback and improving

Live, intelligent analytics mean you don’t have to program endless reports. Intelligent features mean that the right reports for you appear on your dashboards. With Power BI you can use natural language querying to find the report you need, without resorting to a report builder.

Trends can be easily detected through AI, which you could have missed yourself. If you discover a trending topic, you can focus more resource on that area, or create support content to alleviate bottlenecks

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