Managing Your Company Knowledge with Dynamics 365 – AMS TV 18

Mark from All My Systems talks about how Microsoft have brought knowledge management together with customer management to combine all your business intelligence in one place

Traditionally knowledge management and customer relationship management were separate business areas. Now more and more we’re seeing the two become integrated.

First of all what do we mean by knowledge management?
Well, simply, we’re talking about systems to store and retrieve information.

So, things like

  • Company processes – how do we work?
  • Sales techniques – how do we sell to people
  • Competitor intelligence – what are our competitors doing?
  • What’s happening? – Details of projects and people

In the past, companies stored this knowledge in documents around the office: in staffs’ personal spaces or worse still, in the CEO’s head

Knowledge Management systems then came along and for some companies, revolutionised the way they stored and retrieved information. However, these systems often became unwieldy and difficult to use, and got forgotten by staff as they are ‘too much hassle to access

Microsoft’s answer to this is to integrate Knowledge Management with CRM, so you can see the information you need, exactly when you need it.


  • If you’re researching a competitor, you can see everyone’s information about that company at a glance
  • If you need to start a new project, information and templates live in CRM to get you up and running quickly
  • If you have a technology issue, you can find help documents from other people in your business who’ve had similar problems
  • If you’re a new starter, you can follow training programmes and see how your colleagues work

They’re just a few ways Knowledge Management could help a business. I’d like to show you how it could help your business.

So, please get in touch and request your free business systems audit.

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