How a Web Portal Will Streamline Your Business

Save precious time and delight your customers by letting them access the information they need 24/7

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What is a web portal?

It’s a secure area of your website, where users can view and edit business data which is relevant to them. Users can view data, and you control exactly what they can see and update.

How are portals used?

For your customers

This is by far the most popular use of web portals. Examples include:

  • Customer service portal – users can raise queries, view a knowledge base and check previous tickets
  • Billing system – allow users to view and pay invoices
  • Event management – sell tickets and manage bookings from one point

For staff

  • Intranet – access company information and let users publish
  • HR portal – book holidays, view training and update personal records

For partners

  • Vendor portal – let vendors view stock levels and see billing information
  • Membership portal – view tailored information, update memberships and interact with other members
  • Job applications – allow complex forms to be submitted, with automated follow ups

What are the benefits of a portal?

  • Reduce telephone and email queries, whilst still giving a great level of service
  • Save time and speed up service by automating repetitive tasks such as renewals and invoicing
  • Improve communication and build trust
  • Makes scaling your business much easier
  • Helps remote workers to interact and feel part of the business

How does a web portal work with our systems?

If you have a CRM, it’s likely that you’ll be able to connector your CRM with your website to make a portal. Many of the large CRM vendors supply out of the box portals which with some configuration can be ready to go quickly.

Our CRM of choice is Microsoft Dynamics 365, and our portal product allows you to choose what information you want to display on your portal and who has access to it.

Find out more about a supplier portal we built

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