Empowering your people through the CRM knowledge base

Good communication is a key ingredient in the success of your business. The quality of knowledge sharing between members of your team when delivering customer service influences the quality of service delivered.

Does your after sales service team currently need to access multiple documents or spreadsheets located on a shared drive and/or speak to multiple people to answer a service query?

If the answer is yes, then the response time to your customer will be slower, plus there is a risk of different responses being provided to the same questions which affects quality and your customers’ perception of your business.

Imagine a world where you store your customer service issues in a single system. This system links these issues to your customer and contact records. Your customer data is stored in a single place within your business. Any member of your service team can access a contact record and view the history of previous service requests, how many requests are open, how many requests are resolved, and crucially…how the request was resolved.

Take an average that each member of your team handles 10 customer service issues per day. Now imagine that within the same system, they have access to a vast knowledge base of articles specific to your business, your products, and your service. These articles help them quickly identify similar issues to the one they are currently handling, and provide immediate access to knowledge that helps them to resolve the issue.

The knowledge base functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a powerful repository of articles that help support your service team. You can take advantage of the article publishing lifecycle to ensure the quality and accuracy of knowledge available. Your team can use quick and accurate searches to identify articles that may help them answer the request they are handling. Your team can reference similar previously resolved requests, and view the article that was used to help them resolve their current request.

Empowering your people through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM knowledge base is just one way that having the right tools can help your business provide an excellent customer service experience.

It also helps standardise answers to frequently asked questions, speeds up response times, and helps to improve the moral of your service team members, as they feel confident in answering the requests they are handling.

Speak to All My Systems today to learn more about unleashing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s knowledge base to operate an excellent customer service function.

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