How to Manage Service Level Agreements. Properly

Service guarantee certificate

Do you agree levels of service with your customers?

Some examples:

  • A guaranteed first response within 30 minutes
  • An engineer on site within 4 hours for a gold level service contract
  • Guaranteed delivery within 2 days

Good customer service is no longer good enough, the best businesses deliver excellent service on time, every time… your customers expect this.

The reality is that problems can and do happen with the products and services you provide.

How do your systems manage different Service Level Agreements or SLAs in your business?

  • What’s your success rate with SLAs this month, this quarter, or this year?
  • Which customer is on which SLA contract?
  • When does the SLA period start?
  • When do time warnings kick in?
  • How much time is left until you fail to meet an SLA?
  • Who are your best engineers at responding to service requests?
  • Does your team have easy access to SLA information to help them do their job?

Your system should make this critical data available to you immediately. It should be easy to report on to help you understand your business performance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes managing SLAs easy.

It provides reporting tools that help you to answer the above questions.

It’s an essential tool for a small business so that you can focus on delivering excellent service. Let your system handle SLA admin for you.

Contact us for a free business systems audit and we’ll show you how to free up admin time.



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