Tank Topper

The Company

Antha is a well established, UK wide online fuel distribution business with over 600 delivery vehicles.

Its Tank Topper brand supplies heating oil to over 8000 customers in the UK

The Opportunity

Antha takes fuel orders from customers by phone or web, then they find the best prices and arrange prompt delivery.

As they are a brokerage, margins are tight and efficiency is important. Automation is critical.

Antha had a number of bespoke systems linked together by manual processes. They relied on users to look out for triggers and then perform tasks when needed. The system could be prone to issues and inefficiencies if users were away or made inputting errors.

There was a lot of dual keying of data, which increased admin time and caused confusion in some cases. Finance staff found that they often had to check data manually and reconciling figures could take much longer than necessary.

The Solution

We analysed their processes and tailor-made a system to fit with exactly how they worked.

We wanted to bring together all Antha’s processes in one system to eliminate duplication and maximise efficiency.

The system had 3 main components

E-commerce website integration

We developed a custom solution to integrate Antha’s website, which uses Magento, with Dynamics CRM. This meant that all orders, irrespective of source now appeared in Dynamics – no more separate systems.

Orders now automatically produce purchase orders for fuel suppliers to deliver against – a major admin time saver

All enquiries from the web or any other sources are now logged and follow ups are scheduled, so that leads are never lost.

Supplier portal

Antha’s suppliers can now see all their transactions in a dedicated online portal, 24 hours a day, removing the need for long winded enquiries to head office. Suppliers can update their pricing directly within the portal, removing another common bottleneck.


Having an integrated finance system makes a world of difference to Antha. Now orders go directly into CRM, and then Microsoft Dynamics Business Central handles sales order processing and invoicing. There’s no longer a need for separate finance software.

Hear from the customer

“The new Dynamics system will be a game changer for us at Antha. We’re now confident that at any point in time we can view an accurate state of our business, which we never could so easily before. Having an integrated system saves so much admin time and allows us to focus on process that make a difference like customer service and sales.”

“We chose to go with AMS because they took the time to understand our processes and it’s clear they know what they’re doing”

Dan Holmes, Commercial Director

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