GDPR: How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gives You The Edge – AMS TV 15

Mark from All My Systems talks about how Microsoft Dynamics is great for getting and keeping your business GDPR compliant

Microsoft are committing to GDPR compliance across their cloud services when enforcement begins on May 25, 2018

This doesn’t mean all you need to do is put your data in a Microsoft database and you’ll be compliant, far from it.
But what it does mean is that Microsoft have contractually committed to

  • Respond to requests to correct, amend or delete personal data.
  • Detect and report personal data breaches.
  • Demonstrate your compliance with the GDPR.

Microsoft is the first global cloud services provider to publicly offer these contractual commitments.

So how else does Microsoft Dynamics 365 help me become GDPR compliant ?

Auditing your current state is easy

  • All your data is stored in one place and well structured.
  • Data isn’t duplicated across systems so you can be sure that when you report on a person’s data, it is comprehensive.

Controlling access to the system is straightforward

  • No one can access data without a password. It’s not like traditional system where anyone on your network could access data.
  • Access levels can be tightly controlled, so that the right people see the right information

Demonstrating consent is easy

  • All data entering Dynamics can be labelled with a source so you know where the data came from
  • Data changes can be logged so that you have an audit trail of when and where the person opted-in
  • Opt-in forms are configurable so that you can show consent was given

Data requests are simple

  • It’s easy to build reports which will show all a person’s data on your system. You can be confident that nothing will be excluded
  • Opt-outs are simple and controlled from one central location. Again you can be sure that once you’ve actioned an opt-out, it will happen quickly
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