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Does Dynamics 365 Keep my Sensitive Data Secure?

In today’s connected digital world, data security and regulatory compliance are crucial.

When you choose a CRM, you need confidence that your customer information and other sensitive data is secure.

Microsoft makes security and compliance top priorities for Dynamics 365. Here’s some of the important measures in place to keep data safe while meeting regulatory requirements.

Server racking in secure data centre

Security protections built into Dynamics 365

  • Encryption – Your data is encrypted both as it travels over the internet and when at rest in Microsoft’s data centres. This prevents unauthorized access.
  • Access controls – Dynamics 365 uses role-based access controls to restrict access to only appropriate personnel. This means the right people see the right data for them and nothing else.
  • Additional tools available – Added security monitoring services like Microsoft Cloud App Security provide further analysis of configuration, anomaly detection, and rules to limit exposure.
  • Regular auditing – Independent auditors frequently assess Dynamics 365’s security as part of Microsoft’s overall compliance audits.
  • Resilience – Microsoft backs-up and replicates your data globally to ensure availability in the event of an outage. You can configure disaster recovery policies.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – Dynamics 365 incorporates Multi-factor Authentication, a crucial security feature. This ensures that users validate their identity through several verification steps, offering an enhanced level of protection against unauthorized access. Examples include text message, authenticator app or email verification.
  • Secure data centres: Microsoft stores your data in state-of-the-art data centres, designed to uphold stringent physical and digital security standards, ensuring data integrity and availability at all times.
Microsoft authenticator app

Adapting to evolving regulations

  • Configurable for GDPR – Settings like data retention policies, privacy notices, and tools to export, erase, and manage consent help Dynamics 365 meet GDPR requirements.
  • Right to erasure – Customers can request complete removal of their personal data from Dynamics 365 to exercise their “right to be forgotten”.
  • Right to access – Users can export personal data in Dynamics 365 to fulfill data subject access requests under GDPR.
  • Data retention – Policies can enforce time-based retention and deletion of data according to regulatory needs.
  • Consent tracking – Tools are available to track and record consent for contact activities like marketing. Users can withdraw consent.
  • Standards updated regularly – Microsoft continually updates Dynamics 365 to align with new regulatory standards as they emerge.
  • Automated compliance solutions: Dynamics 365 offers integrated compliance tools that proactively assist organisations in adhering to evolving regulatory standards, streamlining processes. This reduces the manual oversight typically required to maintain compliance.
  • Dedicated compliance centre: Within Dynamics 365, the Compliance Centre serves as a central hub, providing businesses with a consolidated overview of data protection actions, responsibilities, and tools, facilitating easier management of compliance-related tasks.

You’re in control of your data

  • You own your data – Customers retain full ownership of data stored in Dynamics 365. Microsoft does not own or use it beyond providing services.
  • Choose data location – You can choose to have your Dynamics 365 data located in your desired geographic region to meet data sovereignty needs. See “Where is our data stored
  • Transparency – Microsoft provides detailed documentation on security measures, auditing, compliance, and other Dynamics 365 privacy policies.

Focus on your business, not security

  • Microsoft handles security – Take advantage of Microsoft’s over $1 billion annual investment in cybersecurity and 3,500 dedicated experts.
  • Trust an industry leader – Microsoft’s experience operating under evolving regulatory environments helps Dynamics 365 stay compliant.
  • Peace of mind – Be confident Microsoft’s security resources and vigilance will protect your Dynamics 365 data.

Dynamics 365 provides the security capabilities and compliance assurances you need to safely enjoy the benefits of its CRM capabilities. You stay in full control while Microsoft handles meeting rigorous standards for data protection.


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