Wondering How to Access Your Business Documents Wherever You go?

“I need that document!”

I’m guessing you place a lot of value on documents – contracts, quotes, orders and even a manufacturing schedule or a project plan.

As a business owner you never know when you need documents, and the chances are you’ll need them whilst you’re on the go, when you’ve not got access to them.

  • I’m talking about when you need to “remote” onto your server – how many clicks does that take? And often you cannot do this from a mobile device!
  • I’m talking about firewalls which mean you can’t access your documents offsite.
  • I’m talking about the inconvenience of taking paper files home with you when you’d rather access them electronically

Wondering How To Access Files?

If you get a call from one of your customers and you can’t access important documents, it doesn’t look good.

With the right business system you can open documents on your mobile or tablet device anywhere. You can open that contract, quote, order or project plan where ever there’s an internet connection.

With the right business system these documents will link to your CRM, so you can also:

  • Access customer information including contact details – names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers
  • View reports, charts and dashboards displaying key data about your customer
  • Check the progress of any sales opportunities open with your customer
  • View any service cases or after sales related issues with your customer

These powerful features let you deal with customer queries any time, any place and from any device.

We base our small business systems on business grade Microsoft technologies. This means an interface you’re familiar with, and the power of Microsoft’s vast product development budget.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft SharePoint give the best possible experience. They combine core CRM and business data with

  • document storage
  • sharing
  • collaboration
  • version control

If you’re fed up with how you currently access your documents and wish they linked to your CRM, contact us about how you can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft SharePoint integration.

The best part…if you already use Office 365 then you may have SharePoint included in your subscription, ready for use!


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