Will We Have To Pay For Additional Reports?

There’s no need to pay for reports, but sometimes it’s better to ask your supplier to help.

When you invest in a new business system, you may be concerned about paying for additional reports. You want to make sure that you can create your own reports from the system, instead of going back to the supplier each time for a new report. It can cost valuable time and money to get additional reports from your original supplier.

That being said, it can be difficult to create your own reports. Reports do not always run correctly on the first time. You often need to refine the question being asked to ensure that the report produced actually answers that specific question.

With Microsoft Dynamics, you have several options for creating your own reports without paying extra. You can create your own views, with data columns that you can move around, filter, and sort, which allows you to quickly build ad hoc reports using every field within the system. You can build your own charts—pie charts, line charts, bar charts, column charts—that provide an interactive experience and quick access to information for your customers and your business.

Microsoft Power BI is another reporting tool that uses the same database as Microsoft Dynamics. You can find more information by watching our video about Microsoft Power BI. If you have any SQL server expertise within your business or IT support, you can find SQL server reporting services that tie in with this software, as well.

The standard functions of Microsoft Dynamics easily allow for reporting, and with a little training on creating your own views, charts, and dashboards, you can quickly build up your own suite of reports for your management team without needing to go back to the supplier. This is a powerful function of the system, and allows you to tailor Microsoft Dynamics to the needs of your business on a day-to-day basis. To run a more complex report, you might need to bring in an expert, but they should be able to use this same system quickly to produce high-quality reports that meet your needs.

So, can you configure your own reports with Microsoft Dynamics without paying extra? In many cases, yes. For advanced reporting, you may need the support of an expert. But for daily functions and reports, the system allows you the freedom and capabilities for running your own reports locally.

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