Can We Make Changes to the CRM System After Going Live? 

We like you to change your system as your company changes.

Can changes be made to the CRM system while you are live and using it? Yes. In fact, we encourage it.

What if your business stopped and there were no further changes? Your company would shrink and you would eventually go out of business. Your business changes every day, with new customers, new products, and different industries. Even the market changes, so you need to adjust to that, as well. All of these things influence the systems, processes, and data that you store in your business.

When you have Dynamics 365 as your CRM underpinning, it is fundamental to alter your system to fit the changes of your business. If your business changes but the system does not, you will not experience a good relationship with your system. You will be frustrated by thinking that it doesn’t do what you need it to do. You need to invest in improving your systems as your business changes.

One way to make sure that happens is to regularly report on the data in your system. If you enter data but don’t report on it, people won’t see the value of the system. They won’t recognise what the system does for them, and you won’t get the full value of your CRM system investment.

When your business changes, your CRM has the capability to change as well, and you can make sure to focus on the data you want to report on through your CRM system. Those reports should align with any new products, customers, services, or market changes in your business. Above all, it is important to make sure that as your business changes, your CRM system changes, as well.

With a system like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you are in control of these changes. Other niche providers may offer limited functionality or updates released only twice a year.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, however, gives you a framework that enables you to add new fields, forms, processes, workflows, and email templates whenever you need to use them. It is much more powerful. If your business is changing and your CRM system is not, it is time for you to consider other options.

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