Simplifying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing

Microsoft updated their Dynamics 365 pricing and licencing in October 2019 and it’s left people a little confused.

We’re going to simplify things a little and concentrate on the area previously known as the Customer Engagement Plan


The Customer Engagement plan included

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation

for £86.20 per user / month


The customer engagement plan is separated into apps

1) Every user must choose an app to get started

Microsoft call these Base Licences

Choose from these apps

SalesEnterprise £71.60 or Professional £49
(compare sales plans)
Customer serviceEnterprise £71.60 or Professional £37.70
(compare customer service plans)
Field Service£71.60
Project Service Automation£71.60

Prices are per user / month excluding VAT

or you can be a Team Member for £6 (this is a restrictive option, see more about it here)

2) Choose one or more extra apps (optional)

Microsoft call these Attach Licences

Choose from these apps – you can have more than one

SalesEnterprise £15.10 or Professional £15.10
Customer serviceEnterprise £15.10 or Professional £15.10
Field Service£15.10
Project Service AutomationCan only be a base app

Both Base and Attach licenses give you access to the same CRM features. The only difference is the pricing.

So, broadly speaking you’ll save money if you only need to use one or two apps. If you need to use more, you’ll probably end up paying more

Forms Pro and Customer Insights are priced separately.
The details are here

Your questions about the small print

What about other parts of the Dynamics 365 family?

If you want to licence other parts of Dynamics like Unified Operations (Finance, Supply Chain, Retail and Talent), you’ll need to buy a separate base licence.

What about Dynamics 365 on-premises?

The pricing above is for Dynamics 365 online. The price is different for on-premises. Microsoft have a guide here

What about the Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

For Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the pricing is per install, rather than per user, see our Dynamics 365 for Marketing page

What about non-profits?

Microsoft have information here

What can I do with a Dynamics team member licence?

With an £6 team member licence, you can

  • Create, view, update or delete
    • contacts
    • activities
    • tasks
    • notes
  • Update personal employee information.
  • Use reports and dashboards.

There are full details of Team Member permissions in Appendices A and B of the Microsoft Licencing Guide

Can you give me some more details about Dynamics 365 licencing?

Take a look at our detailed guide to licencing

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