We Are a Small Business. Is Microsoft Dynamics Too Big For Us?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is affordable and scales with your business

At our company, we often hear the concern that Microsoft Dynamics may be too big for a small business. Historically, this was often the case because you would have needed to install the system on several servers in order to get the most benefit on your own site. It previously required a lot of configuration to get the system to work properly, along with all the training that accompanies the implementation of a big system. A couple of servers with the relevant hardware might have been a £20,000 outlay. But the good news is that all of this has changed.

Microsoft cloud now offers a subscription service to Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it more affordable than ever for small businesses. You don’t need the hardware or your own servers anymore. You can host the program in Microsoft’s cloud, and it works on a subscription basis.

If you already use Microsoft Office 365, such as Outlook, Word, or other Microsoft Office applications, then Microsoft Dynamics will feel familiar. It uses the same cloud infrastructure as Office 365. This means that instead of focusing on configuring an out-of-the-box system to fit your needs, Microsoft has already configured their system to a standard that works very well for small businesses.

Intuitive process flows guide users from one form to the next, with stripped-down fields that limit user display and highlight the specific task at hand. Many interactive tools enable the system to work more efficiently and effectively for users. Our company’s job is to take our small business expertise and apply it to Microsoft Dynamics.

We have several versions of the system that are already equipped for different types of small businesses. This means that your system implementation will be faster and more tailored to the needs of your business. In addition, you get all of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics, which can grow with your business to support a bigger business, as well. Your small business can use the system at an affordable small business price, with the confidence of knowing that as your business grows, the system will expand with you.

If this happens, and your small business becomes a big business, you won’t have to go through the pain of changing systems. You can stay with the same system because you invested in the right product from the start.

So, is Microsoft Dynamics too big for a small business? Absolutely not. It is an affordable, cloud-based software, which you can start using quite quickly. We would be happy to help you on that journey.

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