Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Work With Outlook? 

If you want seamless integration between your CRM and Microsoft Outlook, there’s only one choice.

Microsoft Dynamics works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, because they are both products supported by Microsoft and allow first-class integration between the two.

  • If you want to work in Outlook and send an email, you can track that email into the CRM to make it available for all of the other users in your business to see.
  • If you receive a reply to an email that you sent to a customer, it can also be carried into the CRM system through tracking to make sure that rich communication log is maintained in the system.
  • If you want to use Outlook to create appointments and synchronise or track them with the CRM, you can do so. Using tasks within Outlook can also track into the system, as well.

It also works the other way. If you create appointments or tasks in the CRM, those will synchronise to Outlook.

Most importantly, this means that your contacts also sync, so any contacts created in Dynamics 365 will sync to Microsoft Outlook. Someone in the office could add a contact into the CRM using a business card, and that will sync to your phone if you have mobile access enabled. This is a much more effective way of working with your CRM system and your data.

In summary, Microsoft Outlook integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, and it’s one of the tightest integrations available because they are both Microsoft products.

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