The Company

KatchrKatchr have been developing and delivering data solutions to UK law firms since 2011. They specialise in management information and business intelligence for law firms, helping them to profit from their data by providing access to critical information from across the business.

Based in the Media Centre in Huddersfield, the company was founded by Managing Director Graham Moore. He knew his business was now at a stage where he needed to remove complexity from the systems running his business so he could focus on business strategy and growth. Following our initial meetings Graham had this to say:

We had our initial business systems audit with All My Systems and it became clear that our current systems were no longer up to the job. Our existing CRM system didn’t talk to our accounting system which was making invoicing and order processing very frustrating. Alongside this we were also using lots of spreadsheets. Our plans to grow the business mean we needed a CRM system that would accommodate our changing requirements. I didn’t realise Microsoft Dynamics 365 could be tailored to fit small businesses, it’s the perfect choice.

The Opportunity

The business has many complex relationships to manage with its customers, suppliers and partners. Any change to their systems must not impact their support and delivery processes.

The business was run on many different systems and databases and none of them talked to each other:

  1. A CRM system
  2. A helpdesk system
  3. Finance system to create quotes
  4. Excel to record quotes requested and sent
  5. Task management system
  6. Finance system for issuing invoices

A major bottleneck was the lack of an effective sales pipeline tool to give certainty in reporting sales numbers. Without this it was difficult to accurately forecast how and where the business could grow.

The Solution

We worked with Graham to determine the areas of maximum impact to ensure a good return on investment (ROI) of the project.

  • Phase 1: Simplifying things with an integrated system
    • A CRM with sales pipeline and quote recording
    • Helpdesk using case management
    • Integration between Dynamics 365 and Xero accounts software
  • Phase 2: Strengthening the business with core team based workload management tools
  • Phase 3: Scaling the business by creating
    • Customer portals to provide self-service case creation and a knowledge base

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete cloud based solution that can be implemented in phases, ideal to carry out this implementation plan.

We helped the team at Katchr with:

  • Field and form configuration
  • Business process flow mapping
  • Data migration
  • Face to face training
  • Go live support

Hear from the customer

Graham MooreWe had confidence following the pre-sales demonstrations in how Dynamics 365 could be tailored to fit our business data and processes. With in-house technical resources, we wanted to handle some elements of configuring the system ourselves.

All My Systems provided a partnership model throughout the project and trained us on the core system along with how to perform configuration. This approach worked well for us. It became clear that the value of this partnership is through being trained on the strategy behind how we should use the system and why. It gave me confidence that All My Systems is there to support my business both now and in the years to come.

Managing Director, Graham Moore

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