How To: Personalise your Dynamics CRM Online Screens

One of the great features of the Spring Update 1 for CRM Online 2015 (released May 2015) was the ability to personalise the look of CRM to your business. This is a great addition to CRM’s features plus it has the following benefits:

  • Add your logo and CRM Online aligns with your company brand
  • Apply your brand colours to your CRM Online User Interface (UI) elements
  • Improved user adoption as users engage with a system that is personalised with a familiar look and feel

How to change the theme options – 5 easy steps

  1. Navigate to Settings->Customizations and click Themes
  2. The CRM Default Theme will be displayed in the view, click +New to add your new theme
  3. Use our quick reference style and layout guide below to assist you, and you might find it useful to have the hexadecimal colour schemes for your brand to hand e.g. #000000 for black to #ffffff for white
  4. Make the changes to the fields, for your logo we recommend using a logo 50px high
  5. Save your changes when you are finished, and click Publish Theme in the command bar to publish your new theme. This will reload the page and your new colour scheme will be applied throughout your CRM Online environment

Quick reference style and layout guide


CRM Online 2015 theme reference - AMS ThemeUseful resources

We hope you found this How To guide useful, and have some fun customising the look of your CRM system!

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