Dynamics 365 – It’s The Real Thing

The industry leading soft drinks manufacturer, The Coca-Cola Company are now using Microsoft Dynamics, and so can you!

On 27 April 2020, the Atlanta-based beverage giant made public their agreement with Microsoft Corp. that they will be using Microsoft’s business operations software (including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams) for all their business and communication needs.

If it is good enough for the world’s leading soft drinks’ manufacturer, then this one-stop solution should be integrated into your business too!

What the company will gain

  • An empowered workforce with a networked way of accessing information and support. The employees will be able to access a comprehensive app-based experience on their mobile phones. Something that goes beyond a simple chat interface. Barry Simpson, the senior vice president of the company said “These platforms allow us to deliver relevant, personalised experiences as we network our organisation.
  • Further advance the company’s digital innovation.
  • Wider perspective of the business (with the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365).
  • Efficient information management.
  • Fresh insights from higher quality data from across the business leading to improved user experience for their employees, as well as their customers.
  • New Dynamics 365 AI-driven insights and real-time dashboards which offer simple visual representations of the global tasks Coca-Cola needs to handle.
  • The opportunity for large-scale meetings and presentations via Microsoft Teams for an increasingly remote workforce. Employee town halls can even take place!

Why the change?

  • Replacing previously disparate and fragmented systems.” Barry Simpson, senior vice president of The Coca-Cola Company. This aspect is vital with regards to enjoying the full benefits of the system we offer. Without full integration of our system, you will not get the greatest level of functionality that our product has to offer. Some of the problems of disparate, disjointed systems include manual data input, data duplication, dual keying data from one system to another, wasted time, frustrated end users and many more.
  • A move to commit to the ‘key pillars’ of innovation and growth that the company has considered instrumental in getting them to where they are today.
  • A reaction to the global pandemic. Their workforce has been made largely remote. Our technologies offer a great solution to the issues caused by this new way of working.

Is Microsoft Dynamics just for big businesses?

  • If you’re a small business owner and you’re considering incorporating Dynamics 365 into your company but you’re struggling to see why you should follow the lead of a multinational as large as Coca-Cola, then you have nothing to worry about – it can be just as effective for small businesses, as well as being affordable.
  • It’s ‘Big Data’ for small and medium-sized businesses. One of the main strengths of Dynamics 365 is that it can pull together data from across the entire business to give you new insights and a better analysis of your company. Reports from almost any area of your business can be produced in minutes.
  • As there are several versions of the system designed for different types of small businesses, the implementation of it will be quick and tailored to your needs. Also, due to the scalability of the system, you won’t have to invest again as you chose the right product from the start. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to grow with your business, should your business grow.
  • One aspect of Dynamics 365 which will be much more useful to small businesses is its flexibility. In its licensing package for example, Microsoft has separated Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation into separate apps. You then purchase one as a base app and can then purchase another as an attach app for a much lower price. Previously, you would have to purchase all of them regardless of whether you needed them all or not. Now, you can choose just the apps that suit your business https://www.allmysystems.co.uk/simplifying-microsofts-dynamics-365-licencing-oct-2019/.
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