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The companyDSG Auto Contracts

DSG Auto Contracts (now Leasing.cars) has been delivering Absolute Excellence since 2003, during this time they have delivered over 8000 vehicles to customers all over the UK.  They are an award winning business based in Stockport with five staff and dedicated professional premises.

The opportunity

Phil Kehoe, Managing Director, has grown the business successfully but was aware that this growth had overtaken his systems which were not working effectively. He wanted to address:

  • Leads being lost through lack of systematic follow up
  • Management information being slow making it difficult to get a quick and accurate picture of customers and finances
  • Consistency and professionalism in the look and feel of customer documentation
  • Too much time spent processing paperwork multiple times

All My Systems were recommended to Phil for their analytical expertise in understanding every system within a business. Following an initial meeting over the phone, we arrived onsite to gather information about the people and business processes, the different technologies used, how every member of staff’s role contributed to the success of the business, along with any pain points.

We applied agile development techniques to provide the team with working prototypes of the software during development. This provided tangible products to help train the team, test against business processes, and suggest changes which were incorporated into the next stage of development.

The solution

DSG now own a state-of-the-art and scalable Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system to manage the lead to order process. We matched all email templates to the new company brand to provide a consistent and professional look to documentation. We used CRM as an enabler to reduce duplication of data and paperwork using workflow. We integrated their website and other specialist systems and databases to seamlessly maximise separate technologies.

Each stage of the build was documented as part of our robust development process, and our professional project management delivered the complete solution in just five months.

Hear from the client

I knew our mix of systems, spreadsheets and databases could be improved upon to support our business more effectively, but All My Systems exceeded what I thought was possible by developing a state-of-the-art CRM system with plenty of innovative features. My team can now work smarter, faster and more accurately than before, and I can scale the business up further with confidence that our systems can handle it.

Phil Kehoe, Managing Director

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