The company

Leasing.cars were originally founded as DSG Auto Contracts in 2003 and have supplied over 8000 lease vehicles to customers all over the UK.  They are an award winning business based in Stockport with five staff and dedicated professional premises.

The opportunity

Leasing.cars already has a sophisticated Microsoft Dynamics system running the business. Their Managing Director, Phil Kehoe is keen to further automate his systems and provide an even better service to customers.

We analysed the current processes to look for areas that could benefit from automation.

Areas to automate

  • Sending quotes to customers
  • Dealing with routine customer enquiries
  • Obtaining a proof of confirmation from customers
  • Running complex reports

The solution

Customer portal

We built a system to let customers view their quote, communicate with the team and then accept it. The system uses eSign to agree to the quote immediately without needing to sign and return paperwork. The system also lets customers view order progress, giving them reassurance and cutting down on queries.

Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics’ built in reports can be taken to the next level with PowerBI. Leasing Cars needed complex, visual, live reports to keep up to date in this fast moving industry.

We built a series of dashboards using PowerBI which let managers see crucial businesses metrics, live from the system.

Hear from the client

I’d seen how Dynamics transformed our business, in both the efficiency and quality of the customer journey. I wanted to take the system further to provide an even better customer experience and allow business to continue outside of office hours. This portal has meant a significant decrease in repetitive emails and calls, and allowed our agents to focus on giving great service, knowing that the system will take care of the details

Phil at DSG

Phil Kehoe, Managing Director

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