Automate Welcome Emails With Dynamics 365

What happens when someone completes the sign up form on your website?

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of a customer and filled out the form?
I bet not.
Try it and see what happens.

You have a great opportunity when a potential customer fills out your form. At this point, customers are engaged and want to know more about your company. Now is the time to tell them. Tests show that subscribers read welcome emails 42 percent more often than regular, promotional emails.

Sorting out your welcome emails

There are many ways of sending welcome emails with systems like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Our preferred system is Click Dimensions, because of its deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Click Dimensions

Click Dimensions has lots of great marketing features like

  • Email marketing
  • Campaign automation
  • Landing pages
  • Social marketing
  • Surveys
  • Lead scoring

I’m going to show you how to set up a welcome email using Click Dimensions and CRM workflows

Create your web form

  • This is covered by the excellent guides on the Click Dimensions website – see Create a Form with the Form Builder
  • Make sure the form is short and simple – test it first. Don’t put customers off with complex forms
  • Be sure to create a customised thank you page (the web page which appears after a customer has completed your form). Use the customers keen interest to thank them for completing the form. Give them a voucher code, an e-book or perhaps a chance to enter a prize draw. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to talk to these engaged customers.
  • Embed the form on your website

Write your welcome email

  • First create an email template in Click Dimensions (
    • It’s easiest to use the drag and drop editor
    • Build a design to match your brand
  • Your welcome email could contain
    • An overview of your company and some useful content which the customer may have not yet seen.
    • Your USPs
    • An introduction to your products
    • A video message
    • Offers
    • A survey
  • This is your best chance to impress and start a long relationship. Take time to craft a great email and be generous

Send the email

  • In Dynamics 365, create a new process to send the email.
    • Check that the correct form has been posted
    • Check the contact details have been completed
      Process to send a welcome email
    • Create a record to send the email
      Send a Click Dimensions email
  • You could check that this is only sent to new contacts to make sure no existing contacts receive the email

Now all people who complete the sign up form will receive your welcome email

Want more ideas?

  • Improve your workflow to include a series of emails over a period of time. Alternatively you could use Click Dimensions campaign automation feature for more complex series of emails and decisions.
  • Send users an automated happy birthday email
  • Personalise the email
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