10 Benefits That Make Business Central Irresistible

Dynamics 365 Business Central is your one-stop shop for organising inefficient business systems. If your company spends too much time and money on different systems to manage each area of your business, then Business Central is on hand with a swift solution to these concerns.

Business Central is a Dynamics 365 system designed to integrate the individual departments of your business to help you make better decisions. This user-friendly system can be tailored to your company´s industry-specific needs.

Are you a SMB facing these issues?

  • Your systems are disconnected and the information you need to pull together is spread across different systems.
  • Generating reports is confusing and time consuming. Do you need to export data to Excel just to get the process started?
  • Having to switch between systems constantly is harming your productivity.
  • You struggle to keep tabs on your inventory.
  • You have security concerns due to your data sitting on a local server.

Do you fall into the 54% of organisations who struggle with process and system integration issues? Or even the 50% of businesses who think putting reports together is too time consuming?

Well you shouldn’t.

If you think your business has outgrown your current ERP/accounting solution, then it’s time to make a change.

What Is Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a Cloud-based ERP solution which brings together information from across all areas of your business into one centralised system. By integrating the data from finance, sales, service and operations you can get a full, end-to-end look at your business. With this solution you can spot trends, solve problems quickly and deliver great customer service.

Its main capabilities are:

  • Financials
  • Sales & Service
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Reporting & analytics


Move to the cloud. Although moving to the cloud from an on-premise server might seem daunting, the benefits of making the jump will make it worth it. Replacing your existing business systems will reduce costs. The benefits of being on the cloud include accessing your data from anywhere from any device, no longer needing on-premise servers or expensive IT support and having your data secure in Microsoft´s cloud.

Increased Security. Business Central provides industry-leading security measures to safeguard customer data.

Connect with your customers. Business Central will take in all the data you’ve collected on each customer over the years, letting you personalise your relationship with them. Business Central holds all customer data, meaning you´ll get a complete overview of the relationship, you´ll be able to see all quotes, orders, invoices, credit notes, etc.

Access your data from anywhere. Business Central has made it so their application can be used on mobiles as well as laptops and tablets. This way the data can be updated across the platform in real-time. This could be an employee entering orders from the field or someone in the warehouse confirming inventory status. No longer will employees need to stress over finding the right data.

Business Central

Integration. People who need to access specific information will be able to get it quickly. This can be seen, for instance, when a sales rep makes a change to a quote, this changes the quantity shown in the inventory which are used to make forecast reports.

Predict the best time to re-stock. With the data from sales forecasts and expected stock-outs, Business Central will prompt you to raise purchase orders. It can even do it automatically based on your re-order logic.

Make better financial decisions. Business Central will produce charts, reports and dashboards from data held in finance and accounting, sales, purchasing and stock. The charts and reports produced in real-time will help you spot trends and patterns early. Business Central integrates with other Microsoft applications so you´ll get a complete overview of your business.

Get ahead of the competition with Artificial Intelligence. Business Central has built-in AI to detect patterns and changes in the business, such as the Smart Analytics feature in Power BI . For instance, if you reorder a product from a supplier, Business Central will notify you of other items from that supplier which are about to sell out so you can add them to the purchase order.

Run your warehouse effectively. The application allows you to set up bins and zones to reflect the layout of the racks and shelves in your warehouse. Business Central gives you real-time data on every bin and zone to carry out your customer’s orders better. With this you can get recommendations on where to move items to optimise the space and the picking process, speeding up shipments.

SAAS Licensing. This means you will pay as you go for what your business needs. This cost-effective option means you won’t have to pay any upfront license investment costs or hardware or infrastructure costs.

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