Why Microsoft Dynamics?

When you’re choosing a CRM supplier you want one with a great track record and one who invests in their software

Why should you use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Well, it makes sense if you already use Windows, Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Outlook. If you prefer working with an established company without the concern of instability or financial risk, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 would be the ideal choice to provide your CRM and business solutions.

Now, besides the actual system, it is important to make sure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is sold by VARs (Value-Added Resellers) like ourselves. It is the responsibility of VARs to achieve partner status with Microsoft. Partner status ensures that they understand how to use the system, as well as implement it into businesses and other standard complexities around the licencing model. This will help make sure you get the most cost-efficient and effective use of Microsoft licencing for your business.

Once you decide on the Value-Added Reseller that you should work with, you want to confirm that they will continually add value to your business. They should not just sell you a system and walk away without support or training. A good Value-Added Reseller will want to understand the intricacies of your business, because small businesses are complex and require that the different pieces are working together efficiently and effectively. The right partner will spend time with you to gather requirements, understand how you operate, and speak to your people to better they understand the different system needs of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics is more than just a system and business solution; it focuses on making sure that you are working with a trusted, UK-based, and even local supplier who can collaborate with you and take your business to the next level. They understand how to make a system work for a business and make it the foundation of everything the business does. Microsoft Dynamics is a system that can scale and expand to meet the needs of your business, both now and in the future. Microsoft Dynamics also builds in automation, smart KPI driven dashboards, functionality, and guided processes that make the system easy to use. When your users are happy, they will be more productive and efficient.

So why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365? Well, it integrates with all Microsoft applications. It is built by Microsoft, so it’s not going anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics is also one of the global leaders in CRM systems. But more importantly, they have now made it available to small businesses.

We typically work with businesses with five employees or more, but we can help build these systems around any size of small business. That is our speciality. I hope this has been useful in helping you understand why Microsoft Dynamics 365 might be a good fit for your business.

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