What’s Happening to Dynamics 365 Sales in April?

Each April and October, Microsoft release new features and improvements for Dynamics 365.

Two months before the release, Microsoft publish details of the changes. We’ve had a read and summarised them for you. Here are some of the more interesting changes coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales this quarter

Kanban boards

Some CRM systems show leads and opportunities as boards which you can move from one stage to another. Many users enjoy this way of working as it’s more visual and a quicker workflow.

In Dynamics, you can now move an opportunity from Qualify to Won by dragging it to the next stage. A more visual and quicker way to work.

More about Microsoft’s Kanban view

Quick Find Search

When you display a view of records, like My Open Leads below, users often expect that the search box will search through the currently view’s records. However, this wasn’t the case until this release of Dynamics.

Now, if you search whilst looking at a view, you’ll search only through the current view, not all the records.

More about quick finds at Microsoft

Grid Filtering

You now have a greater range of powerful filters when you view rows of data.

The current options aren’t too user friendly and are improved in this release to be more intuitive.

You can now filter text fields by these options

Lookup fields to other records are filtered like this

And date fields have these new options

More about Grid Filtering on Microsoft’s site


Activities are a big part of making your business systems run smoothly. Without them people lose important tasks and let leads slip away

It’s now simpler to filter activities and to edit and create them. Additionally, there are two new views:

  • Calendar view
  • Kanban view – drag and drop activities to change their status.

More about the improvements to activities

Email Editor

There’s a much improved workflow for creating emails in this release. You can now edit emails in a pop-up window, letting you view other pages whilst keeping the email open.

Templates have improved also:

  • The template chooser appears in a pop-up window, letting you select without interrupting your workflow.
  • You can see a quick preview of each template
  • Templates can be categorised
  • You can search for templates by name

Team Member Apps

If you have users who don’t need full access to edit and update records in Dynamics 365, you‘ll most likely assign them a Team Member licence

Team Member licence users will need to use a new hub to access Dynamics 365 Sales from 1 April 2020.

Team Member users will no longer have access to the Sales Hub

As a replacement, the user can use the new Sales Team Member hub. The Sales Team Member hub gives the user these rights

  • View customer details.
  • View leads and opportunities related to a customer.
  • Create and view activities for a customer or related leads or opportunities.

The full list of updates are on Microsoft’s website

What do I need to do?

These updates will be released automatically in April 2020, though you can preview them earlier, if you like.

Make sure your users are prepared for these changes and your support team is ready for the extra cases. If you’d like help with these changes, please get in touch

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