Supercharge Your Mail Merges

Do you send important emails and documents to your customers?

Did you know the world’s most powerful mail merge system does this:

  • Merge any field in your system to your email
  • Merge complex data like individual product lines
  • Enable eSignatures for contracts and similar documents
  • Schedule emails
  • Combine several documents into one automatically

If your system already does this, that’s great news!

If your mail merge system doesn’t do all this… then you’ll understand the pain of

  • Manually copying and pasting from your systems into emails
  • Creating a table of products in Excel then copying it into Word
  • Asking customers to print off, sign, then scan and return documents
  • Creating manual reminders to send documents out
  • Pasting documents together with inconsistent styles and branding

We thrive when our customers give us difficult problems to solve. Our starting point is always ‘yes, the system can do it‘. Our customers use the most powerful mail merge system in the world and they’ve developed great new capabilities.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your small business has access to a mail merge system that transforms how you send correspondence.

Dynamics 365 screen grab

The options for creating professionally branded emails and documents is staggering.

You won’t find this level of flexibility and quality with other mail merge systems.

Contact us for a free business systems audit and we’ll show you how to outshine your competition by generating the best customer emails.

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