Do You Provide Ongoing Support? 

Great support is crucial to a system’s success

People often ask if we provide ongoing support with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We absolutely do.

We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for small businesses. It is imperative that our customers understand that support is available whenever they need it. Whether you work with a team of 5, 20, or 100+, these businesses need assurance. They need to know that they can access support via phone or email, and actually reach someone who is U.K. based and understands their business. This kind of support can help them through whatever problem they are facing.

Ongoing support might be offered through an unlimited package, which allows as many phone calls or customer support cases in a month as you need. Or perhaps the support model is offered internally, through an IT resource or another subject matter expert who can act as a conduit between the support provider and yourselves. That model has worked really well for us, having one person in the business act as a conduit for support needs. These people become the local experts, but they can also come to us when they need help and advice themselves.

So, do we provide ongoing support? Absolutely. It is key to making the system a success, both now and in the future.

Ongoing support means that your team will know that when they pick up the phone to speak to a CRM expert, they’ll get the best Dynamics 365 support right when they need it.

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