PowerWebForm – Assigning Ownership of leads

Are you using PowerWebForm to collect new leads from your website? Wouldn’t it be great you could assign leads to a specific user in your organisation, rather than to the form’s owner?

How to assign an owner to a newly created lead in PowerWebForm

Is this the sequence you’d like to happen?

  • A user fills submits an enquiry form on your website
  • The form is received by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system
  • A new lead is created (or contact or account)
  • The lead is assigned to a specific user
  • The new user is notified

It’s easy to create a form and a new lead with PowerWebForm, but automatically assigning an owner to the created lead is more involved. I’ll explain how to assign an owner, using a new field and a CRM workflow.

I’m assuming you’ve created a web form with all the fields you wish the user to complete. If you need help with PowerWebForm – look at the excellent PowerWebForm guide

Next, in Microsoft Dynamics

Create a new field in the lead entity

  • This new field will hold your user’s name.
  • Make a new field with
    • Data type = Lookup
    • Target record type = Lead

Creating a new field in the Lead entity

Create a new field on your web form

In PowerWebForm add a new field as below

Power Web Form - new field

  • IMPORTANT – the Field Label must be systemuserid
  • The field type must be Hidden
  • The default value must be a valid user GUID – here’s how to find a user’s GUID
  • The user must have the PowerWebForm Service User role as described here
  • Map this field to the new field you created in Dynamics

Create a workflow in Dynamics 365

  • Create a new workflow which starts when a new lead is created
  • Use an Assign Record step to set the Owner of this lead to be value of the newly created lookup field

Workflow to assign lead

Now when your web form is submitted, a new lead is created and assigned to the user you specified.

Want more features?

  • You could create a workflow to set a task reminding the new owner to follow up the lead.
  • If you use PowerWebForms on an internal form – you could let users to choose the new owner via a drop down box. This feature doesn’t work out of the box in PowerWebForms and would require some JavaScript to update the value of the hidden form field. We’ll be publishing a how-to guide about this very soon.


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