Overcoming Dynamics 365 Editable Grid Limitations

Microsoft Dynamics and many other CRMs use grids to display data. Grids are an easy to ready way of displaying many records on one page. A grid in a CRM system would be recognisable to anyone who has ever used a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel. Grids can either be displayed across the entire page (a form in Dynamics) or as a component of the form – a subgrid

As well as being a great way to view data, it’s also very convenient if you can edit record fields directly in the grid – just like Excel. Before 2016, Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM as it was then, had read only grids. Therefore, as regular users you’d have to open each record separately and then load the record list again, every time you wanted to make an edit. Often this meant that importing changes would be a faster option, but with the potential data loss, not without problems.

In the December 2016 release of Dynamics, editable grids were introduced. They were easy to implement and allowed users to edit some data directly in a grid, rather than open the record.

An editable grid in Dynamics 365

What is an editable grid in Dynamics 365?

What do editable grids allow?

  • Direct editing of values in a cell, like Excel
  • They supports lookup fields
  • Records can be
    • Sorted
    • Filtered
    • Grouped
  • Columns can be reordered by drag-dropping

Limitations of editable grids in Dynamics 365

  • Pagination is slow – every time you load a new page, new records are loaded. Bulk actions are difficult.
  • Grouping and filtering are slow and clumsy
  • Some data types aren’t editable, like composite fields such as Name or Status

A better editable grid

It’s possible to improve the standard editable grid in dynamics. We’ve spent a lot of time working on the integration and we’ve now launched a better editable grid

Here it is in action

AMS Grid

What’s so good about this editable grid?

  • It’s fast! Very fast. It can quickly load in 10,000s of records and scroll through them with no delay. So much easier than Dynamics standard editable grid
  • Filtering is immediate as you type. It’s also blazingly fast
  • There are loads of power options like you’d expect from Excel
  • Easy to use filters
  • Drag drop grouping
  • Drag drop column ordering
  • Excel editing features like fill down for easy bulk updating
  • Handles currency, Yes/No, rating. All sorts of field types
  • Supports lookup fields
  • Conditional formatting
  • Copy/Paste to/from Excel

If you’re interested in this solution, please contact us

Example uses

  • Bulk updating of Contacts
  • Product line chooser
  • Estimate builder
  • Quote builder
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