Does Microsoft Dynamics Link With Xero? 

It’s great to have all your data in one place – connecting Xero and Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps that to happen.

Does Microsoft Dynamics integrate with Xero? This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is yes. In fact, they integrate quite seamlessly.

For example, when you use Microsoft Dynamics to create an invoice, which is linked to an order record and its corresponding deal, you can integrate it all at once in a single system. The integration then pushes the invoice to Xero, which then sends out the invoice and manages the billing and credit control functions as an accounting system.

Not only do the two systems integrate well together, but they also allow for clear distinction in system responsibilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 handles all tasks related to customer relationships, and will inform you that an invoice is being created. Xero handles the actual processing of that invoice and related details to make sure that your money arrives time.

One feature to highlight is that the integration cycles back to Dynamics, as well. Once the invoice ID is generated, it will pass back into the system. You can even set up the system to send back outstanding balances, in case you have receive a partial payment of an invoice.

When using Dynamics, your users do not need access to the finance system in order to see what invoices have been raised and when they were paid. Dynamics can handle all of this. This will save you money on licencing, and allows users to use a single interface to find out whether customers have been invoiced and whether they have been paid on time.

I hope this answers your questions about Microsoft Dynamics’ integration with Xero.

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