Does Microsoft Dynamics Link With Sage 50 Professional? 

So many of you use Sage for Accounting that it’s important that a business system can integrate with it

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics does integrate with Sage 50 Professional. For example, you can use Microsoft Dynamics to create an invoice record, which will link to your order record in the ongoing deal, and that data will transmit as an invoice into Sage 50 Professional.

There are several advantages to this. One benefit is that there is no data duplication, so users do not have to recreate invoice and input them into both Dynamics and Sage. It also means that you get the best out of both systems. Dynamics CRM provides the hub for all your customer relationships, and enables users to see that an invoice has been created, raised, and sent to Sage. Then Sage passes the invoice ID back to Dynamics, so that users can confirm that it has been created. Sage 50 Professional continues to manage invoices, credit control, and billing. Your accounting team can work with confidence.

This integration between systems means that users of Dynamics do not need access and licences to Sage, which will save you money. In addition, internal queries may reduce, as salespeople who are interested in whether an invoice has been paid can simply check the invoice record in Dynamics, instead of asking another department. This information can be readily available to users.

The data that passes between the two systems only needs to be input one. No dual keying or manual entry is required. This means that you will have a more consistent, efficient, and scalable business, because you have a stable link between your CRM system and your finance system.

I hope this answers your questions about Microsoft Dynamics’ integration with Sage 50 Professional.

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