Does Microsoft Dynamics Integrate With Power BI?

Power BI and Dynamics are both Microsoft products and are a great way of providing useful business intelligence

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrate with Microsoft Power BI? The short answer is yes.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful browser-based visual tool for data analysis and business intelligence reporting. You can have charts, gauges, and other visual supports that allow you to interact with your data in different but meaningful ways. You can provide this tool to senior managers so that they can interact with the data and build their own mini-reports from a subset of the data that you provide them.

The key with Microsoft Power BI is that it naturally integrates with Dynamics, and allows for direct access to data between the two systems. You can even embed Microsoft Power BI dashboards into Dynamics, so you can access to the powerful reports, dashboards, and KPI reporting from Power BI without leaving the Dynamics interface. This allows you to view this data easily on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Microsoft Dynamics works seamlessly with Power BI. The powerful reporting tools within Power BI can be maximised through Microsoft Dynamics and will significantly impact your business.

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