Changes to Dynamics 365 Sales – Wave 2 2021

Microsoft release updates to Dynamics 365 twice a year – in April (wave 1) and October (wave 2).

There are a large number of changes, so here are the updates which we think you’ll get most from.

Choose which columns you view in a list

When you’re viewing a list of records, often there’s a column of data you can’t see. Previously it wasn’t simple to add that column to your view. It’s a lot easier now

  1. Click the column view button below
  2. A side panel will appear
  3. You can add / remove and reorder columns
  4. Click apply and the new columns will appear

A new intelligent search feature

You’ll see the new search box at the top of every page.

  • When you first click in to the box, without typing you’ll see a list of your recent searches and records you’ve recently viewed
  • As you start to type, suggested results will appear. Each suggestion will have quick actions beside which you can do without leaving the page
  • When you type a search term and press enter, you’ll be presented with the results sorted by entity (contact, lead, opportunity etc)
  • Search is now intelligent so that typos and incomplete matches are understood
    • Example: a search for “macrosoft” is understood to be a typo, so results for microsoft are returned
    • Example: search for “smith” returns John Smith and other records containing the word smith. So now there’s no need to use wildcards like *smith or *smith*
  • You can narrow down results further using the filter panel on the right of your screen

Editing records in bulk

It’s always been possible to edit multiple records at once, but this new feature makes it a lot faster.

  • In a record view page, choose 2 or more records to edit. You’ll see the new check boxes alongside each record
  • Select Edit from the command bar
  • A panel will appear on the right of your screen and you’ll see the familiar editing form. Swap between different sections and make changes to values as you like.
  • Press save and all the records will now be updated

Share records with another user

  • From a record view page, select one or more rows and click Share
  • A Share Records panel will appear. Enter a name of a user or a team and select the ones you wish to share with
  • For each user or team, you can change their permissions, so you can control what they can do with the record
    • Read
    • Write
    • Delete
    • Append
    • Assign
    • Share

Internet Explorer support ending

If you use Internet Explorer to access Dynamics, you’ll start to see a warning screen telling you that support for Internet Explorer has ended. You can cancel this and continue, but we recommend using a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox. In October 2022, you’ll be blocked from using Internet Explorer completley

How do I turn these features on?

Many of these features will appear automatically, but if you notice any which are missing, you may need to enable them. If you’re an All My Systems customer, then get in touch and we’ll sort it for you.

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