7 Signs You’re Ready for the Great Data League

So you’ve assessed whether your data is good, bad or downright ugly. Hopefully you’re heading towards the good data league or are there already!

Where do you go from there…?

Great data with Dynamics 365
Introducing the Great Data League…
Reducing the number of systems in your business

How do you get there?

The Great Data League is about simplifying the systems in your business. It’s about breaking free of adding more systems and complexity into your business. It’s about bending the capabilities of a world class business system to give you a competitive edge.

Let’s rewind a little: you’re in the Good Data League and enjoying consistently good reports and data quality.

You now need to reduce the number of systems in your business

I’m talking about…

  • the multiple spreadsheets for contacts, orders, invoices and contract renewals.
  • that forgotten CRM system that only you use and you get frustrated that your team ignore.
  • the task management system you signed up to in haste to organise your team’s workloads.

So, quickly take a pen and paper, and jot down the number of systems you use.


How many do you have – 5, 10, 15… more?

Don’t worry, it’s normal for this to happen as you grow your business; we see it all the time.

Every extra system in your business brings with it more data duplication. Every piece of data that’s duplicated needs more maintenance. When you have a field for company name spread across 8 systems, it will need updating 8 times – a painful process to go through.

Getting in the Great Data League is about using the right system that lets you grow your business.

Now you’ve addressed data quality and timeliness, you need to slim down to use only two or three systems (one system can be unrealistic). Often this is your finance system, plus a professional business solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms your business to become a Great Data League player. You get to join the club of business owners who are serious about growing their business. Once you are part of the club, you’ll look back and wonder how you managed without it.

Prepared for Promotion?

Here are seven traits that business owners like you display when they are ready for the Great Data League:

  1. You’re fed up of data being duplicated in many systems across your business. Dynamics 365 uses a single database
  2. You want Outlook, Excel, and Word to talk better with your database so you can integrate emails, generate reports, and create mail merge documents. Dynamics 365 provides the best integration across Microsoft products, after all, Microsoft built it
  3. You want to capture more data about your customers when you need to. You can easily add new fields to Dynamics 365. No need to wait for your software provider’s next release
  4. You want data entry forms for specific job roles in your business to improve efficiency and simplify training your people. Create role specific forms using Dynamics 365
  5. You want access to customer data, contract renewals, order information and invoices wherever and whenever you need it. Use the Dynamics 365 mobile app to browse your data from anywhere and on any device
  6. And importantly, in the Great Data League you want the system to notify you of data issues such as duplicate record detection.
  7. You want the system to provide powerful visual charts and dashboards to help you identify data problems so that you can remain in the Great Data League.

Is this you?

You can become the game changer in your industry, you can break free from a world where your competitors keep adding more systems and more complexity into their business.

The Great Data League is all about simplifying the systems in your business. Contact us and we’ll give you a demo to show you how it’s done.

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